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11 rue du moulin
Lesquielles St Germain
02120 GUISE
Tél. Fax (33) 03 23 61 02 92
- France

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246 Familistère Aile Droite
02120 GUISE
Aisne - France
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Making part of the group founder of the Association For the Godin Foundation in 1989, I found in 1991 in Van Gogh's letters the wish to create artists' phalanstère. This idea was a revelation and made gradually its road. So in Autumn 1998, I opened a workshop - expo situated at the first floor of the right wing of Familistère what allows me to work in very good conditions, but also to be among a population which has for most part never been in an exhibition of art. It is interesting to notice the curiosity of the inhabitants of the site for my work. I think of touching of the finger the social role of the artist in society. I hope that other artists : Painters, Sculptors, architects, writers, artisans of art in turn come to settle down among the existing population or even some micro-companies. This method is completely in the line of J.B.A Godin's concerns. Godin who said: " it would be careless to base districts only intended for poverty. It would be against the democratic feeling. The Republic needs the fusion of the conditions. " To know more about it on Familistère:

Photo : Philippe FILTOPOULOS